Beachy Waves

The easiest way to get wavy hair if your hair is super straight. No heat necessary!



Start with hair that is slightly damp. I like to air dry but you can blow dry it to speed up the process. 

Optional: Use a detangling product for when you braid and a moisturizing product/oil to give hair a little treat for later while you sleep on these braids :)

Section hair down the middle into two parts. Hold hair from one side back with a rubber band.



Make them even

Start braiding with either the french or dutch braid technique. 

After you finish braiding hold the bottom of the braid while you slowly pull pieces that are smaller. you want each piece to be loose and around the same size.


last but not least

Wrap the bottom of the braid with a little rubber band. *coil rubber band around braid so it is messy (shown on left braid). Make sure you don't create a crease with the rubber band (Right braid, bad!). this makes sure there isn't banding when you take it out.

Repeat on other side

Sleep. Take them out. Finishing product. Done!